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Professional English and Chinese Interpreting and Translation Services 

Running a business is already sufficiently demanding without the added stress of communicating in another language. Getting lost in translation means missing out on numerous business opportunities.


I provide expert level conference interpreting and translation services in Chinese and English. I am committed to using my language expertise to help you communicate with your business partners. When there is no language barrier, you can get your ideas and passion across exactly the way you like. I interpret, I translate, I build bridges. 

Not only do I get your message across between Mandarin and English, but also convey your attitude. Whether you wish to generate leads by translating your product/website/documents into another language or organise an international conference, I am at your service.

Let me take care of your translation and / or interpreting needs so that you can focus on what you do best without worrying about things lost on translation or causing cultural misunderstanding.



MA Conference Interpreting

MA Applied Translation Studies

BSc Clinical Medicine

Born and raised in China and having lived in the UK for many years, I have acquired a profound cultural understanding of both the east and the west. 

I am a true believer in effectiveness. Interpreting and translation are not about rendering exactly what’s being said; it’s about getting your meaning and your attitude across. Effective communication is key to securing business opportunities and promoting mutual trust and respect. 

contact@farukmardan.co.uk   +44(0)7958141407  Leeds, UK

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