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So you need interpreters?

You may have never hired interpreters before; you may have overlooked the need for interpreters in a previous conference; or you may have relied on some sort of a magical translation device to discuss matters that are way too important. You may be organising a conference online or in person. Whatever your situation is, having an interpreting service you can count on is paramount to your success. Hiring interpreters is not a cost, but an opportunity to pave the way for new successes.


My expertise lies in bi-directional interpreting between Chinese and English in a wide range of domains. I can cater to different events and different equipment needs. I have a network of trusted interpreter colleagues to meet your demand for interpreting in other languages. I can help you secure a beautiful venue in North and West Yorkshire to hold your conference. Please get in touch for any type of multilingual event. I would be honoured to help with your needs.

Not sure what kind
of interpreting you need?

Simultaneous Interpreting

The interpreters speak into the audience's headphones simultaneously from an interpreting booth as the speaker talks. This is an effective means of interpreting when more than 2 languages are used at your event and you're on a tight schedule.

Consecutive Interpreting

The speaker and the interpreter take turns to speak. The interpreter takes notes while the speaker is talking and interprets when the speaker pauses every now and again. This is the most cost-effective mode of interpreting, but is more time-consuming.


Remote Interpreting, as its name suggests, is carried out remotely. It can be done either simultaneously or consecutively but requires the assistance of specialised software. This mode is ideal when attendees of an event are located in more than one location.

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