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Faruk Mardan

I love how 'chilek (or çilek)' means bucket in Uyghur but strawberry in Turkish. I am fascinated by how 'lemon' is originally a Farsi word but we simply regard it as just another English word. I notice how the French word 'de' and the Chinese word '的' are pronounced the same and essentially mean the same. Coincidence? Maybe not. You may be surprised by how different cultures are linked together through language without us even realising it. You've probably noticed it by now, but you are too polite to say it. Yes, I'm a geek and I'm proud. Faruk Mardan, a translator, an interpreter, a language enthusiast.

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My story and how I can help you

From a medical intern, to an English teacher; from an import/export project manager, to an interpreter and translator; from China to the UK, I have been in many roles and have learnt immensely from every endeavour of my life. Precisely because of my diverse experience, I feel confident that I can help you bridge the gap between Western and Chinese cultures and tear down language barriers. 


Running a business is sufficiently demanding without the added stress of communicating in another language. Your business and your brand are too valuable, and you cannot afford to be lost in translation. Instead of relying on an interpreting device or machine translation engine to handle your all-too-important meetings and documents, let me take care of your language needs.

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