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Seminars on medical translation

MedicTrans is a series of seminars on medical translation. The series is tailored for young and seasoned professional translators who wish to add medicine to their list of  specialisms. In these fun-filled seminars, you will learn in detail how to prepare yourself as a medical translator and what medical translation entails. They touch on a variety of topics within the scope of medical translation, including but not limited to translator qualification, a study plan to prepare yourself, terminology management, quality assurance in medical translation and managing errors in translation. 

Here's what the participants had to say

“The speaker’s own experience is impressive for me. I also find the discussion between the speaker and participants helpful. Other participants give additional information and recommendations of books and other materials, which benefits all of us."

“It was a very useful introduction to medical translation. This is an area I would like to specialise in, and there were some great suggestions for background reading. I also enjoyed the interactive nature of the webinar, I have attended many before but this was the first one where we actively took part and spoke to each other as in my previous experience of webinars, the audience just listens to the speaker."

Register for the next webinar

The next session will be delivered to you on the first four Saturdays of October 2020. You can choose to attend any or all of the four episodes. All sessions are currently delivered online via Zoom.

Ep. 1

Date and time:

15:00 BST, 03 October 2020

What is the big deal? —introduction to medical translation

Ep. 2

Date and time:

15:00 BST, 10 October 2020

The elephant in the room — medical English and a learning plan

Ep. 3

Date and time:

15:00 BST, 17 October 2020

Coming to an understanding— text types and the medical translation market

Ep. 4

Date and time:

15:00 BST, 24 October 2020

Let’s get started — Medical translation strategies, management and quality control

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